RE: NDC Shops For 200 Billion Ghana Cedis

The attention of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been drawn to a publication in The Chronicle, alleging that the ‘NDC SHOPS FOR 200 billion Ghana Cedis.’ We wish to indicate that the story contains inaccurate information, a twist that seems to suggest that the NDC is raising 200 billion Ghana Cedis to finance the party activity. The party also sees the publication as a careful attempt to link the party finances with government resources. It is true that the NDC has decided to build a biometric data base for members to facilitate proper organization of the party. The biometric registration exercise is also expected to help the party to track dues payment of party members and, track accredited party events. Similarly, the party stands to benefit from the exercise as it will further democratize the election of party leadership and candidates. It is also true that the NDC has requested organizations to submit proposals to undertake the exercise for the party and, nothing has been settled on yet for the party to even determine the exact cost of the project. It is important to note that whatever the cost of the project will be, it is designed to be self-financing. All party members registered will be required to contribute to the project. The NDC wish to state that the party is not on any mission to raise funds to finance the biometric project. We do not expect that the project will cost 200 billion Ghana cedis as stated in the publication. The NDC thought that the writer of the story could have done some little checks with some organizations that have done biometric registration exercise, including the Electoral Commission which had registered about 15 million Ghanaians. They would have given them a fair idea as against a small organization like the NDC. We reiterate, that the NDC does not use state resources to finance the party and, in this specific project as the biometric registration, it is intended to be self-financed by members of the party. The NDC cherish the publicity the media has been offering the party and, when the project begins we will rely on our friends in the media for publicity to ensure its success. After every National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting, the General Secretary of the NDC and the Communications directorate of the party are available for any information on any decision taken. This twisting of information could have been avoided if the necessary contacts have been done for clarification.