Bonchaka – Gone For 10 Years

It seems like yesterday but three days away, it will be exactly 10years since the death of hiplife musician Terry Bonchaka, real name Terrence Nii Okang Mensah Adjetey. Bonchaka, an old student of Adisadel College, was only 21 years old when he died after a performance at an Akuafo Hall Week celebration at the University of Ghana, Legon, in the early hours of October 31, 2003 in a motor accident. He came to prominence when, on the ticket of the Central Region, he won the hiplife segment that had been introduced by Media Whizz Kids as part of the Miss Ghana competition in 2001. Within the short time that he lived, he made a mark in his chosen field of endeavour, music, which generations to come will always remember when the story of hiplife is told. Some of his songs fans still remember include Pulele, Ghana Lady, Lomnava, Bonchaka-ta, African Chow and Zoozi. “He was always a bundle of energy. The young man was charming, funny and interesting . I believe he would have, at least, conquered Africa by now if he was still around,” says Zapp Mallet who recorded songs like Pulele and Ghana Lady for Bonchaka. He did not only leave behind catchy songs but also a unique dance style, Pulele, that even children are familiar with and imitate with ease. The unique ‘old school’ fashion which he projected in all his shows, complete with a comb in his hair, made a deep impression on all who came into contact with him. Apart from his music, Terry will also be remembered for his unique stagecraft which won him a very large following. There are certainly many more people who looked up to Terry than he might have known because a number of young guys at his funeral, which was held at the Trade Fair Centre, were dressed in a typical Terry Bonchaka style and engaged themselves in series of acts, the Bonchaka way. Regan Mends, who was Bonchaka’s manager at the time of his death, says he still misses his friend. “We used to share a lot of ideas together. He was a complete artiste who took his work seriously. Bonchaka did not distinquish between small shows and big shows. Once he stepped on stage, it was serious business till the end,” Regan stated. Terry may be gone but memories of him will remain fresh on the minds of the many people he endeared himself to.