NDC Wants To Divide The Nation Through Sports

PPP Communicator, Charles Owusu has issued a stern warning to the Mahama-led government not to adulterate the nationalism spirit of Ghanaians. Speaking in an interview with Peacefmonline.com, Charles Owusu expressed disappointment in the government for distributing Mahama branded T-shirts to supporters who thronged the 30th June stadium in Egypt to cheer the Black Stars up to Brazil 2014 World Cup. The supporters were captured by cameras, joyfully donning the T-shirts of President John Mahama when Kelvin Prince Boateng scored in the last minute of the game to clinch victory for the nation during the clash between the Black Stars and the Pharaohs of Egypt. Though several critics have since slammed the Sports Ministry for putting up a character that debases the patriotic spirit in the nation and hoped the criticisms may die out soon as the government learns its lessons, the staunch member of the People's Progressive Party's Communication team seems dissatisfied. He would not let go until the government and authorities of the Sports Ministry heed his caution. According to him, the senior national team is not "John Mahama national team" and so, found it disgraceful on the part of the government to distribute such T-shirts to the supporters. He also noted that not all the players are affiliated to the ruling National Democratic Congress. �John Mahama and his government want to divide the country. Even Egypt who have won almost about seven times in the African Cup of Nations, there�s no way you saw them wear Mubarak�s, the President, T-shirt�The Black Stars, Ghana National team, is not John Mahama national team. �The players have various political parties that they are affiliated to or belong to, so the moment you were such T-shirt which will annoy people�What happened is bad. It disintegrates the nation. It wrecks the nation and disgraces the nation.� he stated.