Sonnie Badu: I'm 'Sad'...Let's 'Appreciate Our Own'; I Love 'Ghana Gospel Music'

Ghanaian-born international gospel artiste, Sonnie Badu has debunked reports that he said gospel musicians in Ghana simply do not make sense and also do not exalt God. A News-One report suggested that the 'Baba' hit singer took a swipe at his counterparts in Ghana saying their lyrics and rhythm are simply nothing to write home about as compared to gospel musicians from Nigeria or other parts of the world. Reacting to the story via social media site, Twitter Tuesday, Sonnie Badu, who headlined this year's 'Africa Worships With Sonnie Badu' concert at the Accra Sports Stadium Saturday night said, the report is false. "It's been drawn to our attention that there is a news circulation that I said This and that about Ghanaian gospel artist .. Well first of all I am a big fan of Ghana gospel music and I would never say such a thing ..," he said. The renowned gospel musician lamented that, "It's quite sad that upon the victory God gave us all on sat [Saturday], someone tries to destroy what God is doing. It [is] sad that In ur own country instead of people appreciating ur efforts they are doing all they can to destroy what God is doing." Sonnie Badu clarified that, "Once again I am a big fan of Ghana gospel music and I will continue in my own little way to let the world know about this beautiful country." Taking a shot at the newspaper, he said: "The sad thing is that news paper that released that false news were media partners who were paid to talk about the show .. Still I say thank you to them for all their support ..." He observed that being in the limelight is not easy "but it's my cross and I will carry it.. Kwame Nkrumah was never appreciated by his own until he died .." "I have had the chance to travel extensively and in other African countries they hail, love and respect their Heros.. NIGERIA for example is a country that respect those who have brought honour to their country .. I would like to advice other people to learn from that...," Sonnie advised. He added that 'Africa Worships With Sonnie Badu' concert has thought him great lessons because "it turned out to be those you had sacrificed for them, were truly not on ur side .. Those in their days of trouble you stepped in and supported whole heartily were the same ones looking for ur down fall." "Those you call ur brothers and sisters were the same ones that would rise against you !! But what is written is written !! And I am grateful to all of them !! May they never lack oil.. May God bless them, may they see joy ...," Sonnie Badu concluded.