Ghana Movie Awards Is A Joke - Lil Win & Kwaku Manu

Kumawood superstars, Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win and Kwaku Manu have unleashed their anger on Ghana Movie Awards organisers. Nkansa Liwin who is not happy about his single nomination this morning on XFM, an Accra-based radio station said he should have been nominated for the ‘a performance by an actor in a leading role’ instead of ‘a performance by an actor in a supporting role.’ Kwaku Manu who is also not happy with the nomination list says Ghana Movie Awards is based on personal interest of the organizers. Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win questioned the organizers why he has been nominated again for ‘a performance by an actor in a supporting role’ since he won the award for the same category last year. In his opinion, organizers of the awards should have nominated him for the ‘a performance by an act in a supporting role’ stating that “you can’t nominate someone for upcoming actor of the year and nominate him again in the same category the following year.” “You have to nominate him for bigger category if he meets the requirement. My movies prove that I could have been nominated for that category. I won award for this category last year and instead of nominating me for the lead role, they have put me there again.” He added. The father of one added that the organizers of Ghana Movie Awards have not called to tell him about his nomination and if they don’t call him before the main event, he won’t be present at the event. He said friends who saw it on various websites called to give him the information about his nomination but not from the event organisers. Lil Win continued that awards are not really important to him because they are not free and fair. “If my fans love what I’m doing, I have to keep it up and do it more. I’m not focusing on awards because they give it those they know” he told Nana Mensah on XFM 95.1 in Accra. Kwaku Manu who arrived from America days ago also speaking on the mid-morning show, ‘Brunch2Lunch’ on Radio Univers 105.7 on Tuesday stated that awards are not organized in Ghana but ‘metals’ are given to friends based on personal interest of the organisers. He said movie award organizers have made it so obvious that the awards are meant for Accra actors but not as it is supposed to be, looking at its name. “Let’s be truthful here, how can you organize movie awards and nominate about three or four people from Kumasi. People might say because I wasn't nominated that is why I am saying this but it is not so. I don’t pray for awards when I go on my knees. The organizers have made things so obvious. Everybody can see that.” “You can sit in the house and say I love this man, which is how our awards have become. Whether it is Kumawood or what awards, it is not important. I even heard about radio awards and how people were complaining.” The ‘I’m kiss you’ coiner cautioned that they either improve on their performance or stop organizing the awards. 2013 Ghana Movie Awards organized by Ghollywood Production (GP) Limited comes off on Monday, December 30th, 2013 at the Accra International Conference Centre.