I Don’t Regret Making ‘Moses’ – AB Crentsil

ACE musician, A.B. Crentsil, says he has not regretted making the song ‘Moses’ which generated so much controversy in the country. Arguably one of the greatest musicians this nation has produced, A.B. (real name Albert Benjamin) rocked the boat in the 1970s with the song ‘Moses’ which became an instant hit, but generated a lot of controversy as many considered it profane. The controversy even led to the song being banned from being played on national radio by the then government of Kutu Acheampong. The high life supremo whose archives were celebrated at a legends and Legacy Ball in Accra recently says he has no regrets. Speaking to The 'Times Weekend' he said “The red sea, the rod and all other things I referred to in the song, are in the bible. “If you read about Moses and the exodus of the children of Israel from the land of Egypt, you’ll know the song has a biblical base, he said, smiling. ”I was only being creative, using the bible story for a song,” he added. A.B. said he always felt touched whenever he heard politicians and other notable people singing the song. “It shows it's still a great song.” He urged young ones and up-and-coming musicians to work hard to be counted among the country's heroes. “We should not wait for people to die before they are celebrated.” He asked the up-and-coming to emulate the exploits of the old musicians, so that they could also become heroes.