How Do We Bring The NPP Back Into Government?

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is currently at a four way junction and whichever direction they may decide to move, has its own peculiar implications. In my opinion I say the party has been trailing on a high way with no emergency exit or rest stops. Our immediate decisions we take in the upcoming internal elections, will determine the rescue path. Our dear party has been geared badly on square shaped wheels. Wheels that facilitate a vehicle�s movement are always known to be rounded not squared. Ghana is still a growing nation and thus described often as on a hill, our outermost aim is to reach a state where the country can fully operate as the first world countries are operating. A great percentage of business men believe that the NPP stabilizes the economy and makes it conducive for businesses to thrive. Ghana�s economy is almost hitting the abyss at this stage, largely because, which has the record of providing the atmosphere, has been in opposition for 5 years. Now the BIG question: how do we bring the NPP back into government? Studying our previous national election trend from 2000 to 2012, the truth is, NPP is losing relevance by the day in our Ghanaian politics; from 6 to 2 regions. In 2000 elections, the NPP had 48.4% in the first round. In 2004, it had 52.45% and avoided a second round. But there was a sharp decline when Nana Addo became Flag bearer in 2008 elections. He secured 49.13% and 47.74% in the 2012 elections. If JAK had lost the 2000 elections, would Nana Akufo Addo have given JAK a third attempt? As we are repeating our new �NDC adopted strategies� which has not worked, the only rational option if we have the party�s interest at heart is to change our operating skills to our conservative ways. This begins by first not re-electing our general secretary, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie A.K.A Sir John In recent times, the NPP has adopted an unnecessary approach of trying to match up with the NDC�s style of campaigning and strategies, how sad. We then blame president Mahama for stating that Ghanaians have short memory, of course he is right, how could we forget that the NDC have practiced such attitudes and behaviors for a longer time, and have gained more knowledge and built more experience overtime and they are certainly better at it than the NPP who are new at it. What�s happened to our winning strategies that we spoke issues and brought it to the level of the ordinary Ghanaian in a simpler form? When the Party provided alternative policies and programs which won us six out of Ghana�s ten regions? What happened to a once peaceful party when people who hated the NDC�s violence decided to sympathize with us? Have we sat to analyze in this directions? Also our party machinery has been geared towards one direction and fortunately or unfortunately have retrogressed the party to this stage. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo has created a complete shrine in the party, with shrine priest�s servants and worshippers. The shrine priest decides what the servants and worshippers hear and subsequently what they believe in. These worshippers, blinded by their immediate personal gains, are ready to maintain Nana Addo irrespective of its negative implications and consequences on the electoral fortunes of the party. Some shrine priests will totally lose their prestige and grips over the party if Nana Addo is no more the flag bearer and as such will do everything to maintain nana Addo. This explains why anybody who declares to run for primaries against Nana Addo is seen as an enemy or outcast. In their own Opinion, Nana should be maintained for their selfish gains and not necessarily winning Political Power for the NPP. We seem to have changed our ultimate goal. NO MORE POWER but control of the Party. It is about flag bearer and not President. If it�s all about flagbearership, then we are not so different from the CPP, PPP, PNC, etc. Now let us as a party, get to work for the selection of our Party�s Flag bearer for the next Presidential election. Do we only need a representation of our Party to just contest election for us, or a nominee with a strong character and a progressive agenda for the party and country? How we have managed party issues and conducted ourselves have left a sour taste in the mouths of most party financiers even to the extent that, some are unwilling to provide the support we need in 2016 if we do not change the face of the Party. We need to re-package and brand the party and the only way is to encourage the blowing wind of change. We need a complete metamorphosis � changing the entire national executives to new ones who will operate and open, transparent party thus making everybody feel belonged of the great Kukrudo Party.