Skin Pain Drives Rawlings Mad

Former President Jerry John Rawlings is gradually driving himself mad out of envy and jealousy of ex-President Kufuor. Having ruled this country for 19 years, the longest in the history of Ghana, one would have expected him to be more civil and reasonable in the way he behaves and talks. Nay, having crossed the 60-year mark, he still behaves as a 20-year-old boy whose ranting effusions are akin to a jealous guy who lost a girl he wanted to another guy and decided that he would try to bring down his rival at the least opportunity. Rawlings is gradually exposing his hatred for former President Kufuor on two grounds; one, he is very envious of Kufuor because of the soaring international respect and recognition he receives on a daily basis and secondly, on ethnic grounds. As I stated in my introduction, Rawlings is the longest serving head of state this country has had the misfortune to have. One would have expected that he is given a certain global recognition befitting his status. President Kufuor, ever since he left office seems to have more work to do for humanity than when he was the President of this country. The world is using him for the good of humanity, assigning him responsibilities at the least opportunity because of his experience, legacy to Ghana, his comportment and discipline in the comity of ex-presidents, among his peers and global society. What do we see in Rawlings? A dissatisfied person, hunted by his own crimes against humanity and the knowledge that he failed in his 19-year rule of Ghana in spite of the self delusory unprecedented achievements in this country.