Omare Wadie For NPP Vice Chairman

I am by this statement officially and formally announcing to you all my decision to go for the position of Vice Chairman of NPP in the forthcoming national elections scheduled for March 2014. I am Michael Omari Wadie, a true Party member who has served at various levels within the Party over the years. My decision to contest for this highest position follows a broad consultation within the Party. I am hereby offering myself to contest for the position to respond to the overwhelming support and endorsement received from the rank and file of the party. My experiences as a polling station chairman, ward chairman, constituency chairman and chairman of chairmen ( greater Accra ) has made me a well groomed politician to serve at the highest level of our party. This is the moment to blend the youth and the generations before us, this is the moment to harness the energy of the youth to be an integral part of decision making so we can all work together to achieve our common goal together. I have always advocated for togetherness which has gained me overwhelming calls for me to stand as vice chairman of our most esteem party. I have the hallmarks of a true leader. I have been a long standing member of NPP, a decision borne out of the strength of my conviction for values and beliefs on which the NPP is founded. The choice I made has shaped my policies. I have also delivered and implemented the beliefs of the NPP. I am an advocate for the freedoms the NPP represent, the justice we propagate and the development in freedom which is our creed. I share the values of the NPP and my conviction on the enduring truths and values of democracy, freedoms and individual liberties and a firm believer in the power of private enterprises as the engine of growth of our economy, the goal of a strong economy and a fair society, where every Ghanaian can achieve to their full potential. I have been privileged to service the party at various levels; I have been an extremely committed, faithful, dedicated and loyal member of the New Patriotic Party since 1992. I distinguished myself as the chairman of the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency where my unique talents, innovations and excellent leadership qualities were fully demonstrated and culminated into electoral victories. I have the ability and capacity to help strengthen the structures of the party and restore hope among our grassroots support base, the youth, women and floating voters. I am humble, respectful and sympathetic to the concerns of all NPP members and shall operate an open door policy. I am a visionary, warm, approachable and very resourceful leader with fresh and innovative ideas. I have trained and mentored in the NPP and set up the TESCON branches at Central University, GIMPA and Zenith. Today, our party is at a point of inflection. This calls for us to make bold choices, coupled with visionary, open and transparent leadership. There the need for effective re-organization and a relentless effort in order to focus on building election machinery capable of wrestling power from the NDC in the 2016 elections. I have decided at this crucial period of our history to stand for the post of vice Chairman of NPP and to totally commit myself to serving and achieving this goal - winning election 2016. “The time is now”. I want to use the power of the media creatively to tell our story- re-tell our own narrative in our own terms. NPP will be defined, not by our differences or what divides us, but by our common hopes, our common ideals and inspirations as a people, our shared destiny. Never again should we allow our opponents to define us. I want to be the messenger of our story which will tell everyone, every Ghanaian who we are and what we stand for. We must work collaboratively as a party, involving the entire organs- Youth wing, Women's Wing, Nasara andouille and all other affiliated pro- NPP groups such YEF, Young patriots, CDF, AFAG etc. We must work together as a team to achieve victory. Vote for Wadie, the gentle giant Vote for Wadie, for fresh new thinking, fresh idea Vote Wadie, together we are all winners Long Live NPP Michael Omari Wadie 0242270877