Are Young Ghanaians Rushing Into Evangelism Because Of Money?

A Social Scientist, Dr. Obiri Yeboah has attributed the proliferation of churches in the country to increasing curiosity in young Ghanaians to venture into evangelism and its related exploitation to the unbearable cost of living. The integrity of the Christian religion has come under serious scrutiny as a result of the conduct of some pastors. Many at times stories of pastors duping their congregation, defiling children, raping women inundate newspaper front pages. Even as he questions the heightening enthusiasm in establishment of churches especially by young men, Dr. Obiri Yeboah added that the prevailing high cost of living is a catalyst for the exploitation in the churches. �What is in pastor hood or priesthood or church that everybody wants to organize? There are good pastors, they are professors, they earn something�but please every young person O� level, SHS does not want to continue, and they want to form a church. What is in there, it has become like an industry, t5he church is now becoming the fastest industry and they are not honest�, he stated. Dr Obiri Yeboah meanwhile believes the Christian Council has a direct mandate to ensure those miscreants are eliminated from the system. On his part, Reverend Tetteh Djangmah, who is the Senior Pastor of the True Vine Charismatic Church International (TVCCI), charged the law enforcement agencies to severely deal with pastors who engage in such practices. �There is a law enforcement agency in the land. Let them enforce the law if there is criminality. I empower people not to leave their destinies into the hands of others�, he reiterated.