John Boadu’s Track Record As National Youth Organiser Is Verifiable

It has come to the notice of the John Boadu for National Organiser Campaign Team, that, there's this vile propaganda and false allegation making rounds against the hard-working John Boadu to delegates of the great NPP. The purpose behind these ongoing misleading viral rumors is obviously their inability to market their candidate but it's not their fault, it is difficult to market candidate(s) with no proven track record. These conspiracy theories provide false relief from real problems or challenges we are facing as a political party. We wish to put it on record that, John Boadu is contesting the National Organiser position of the great NPP and when won, will be National Organiser from 2014 to 2018. He has no intention of contesting any other office or leaving such an enviable position of a National Organiser for any other office. His track records as National Youth Organiser are verifiable. 1. He was and still is an effective communicator on TV, Radio, Print media etc. 2. He established over 30 functional TESCON branches in our Tertiary institutions Nationwide. 3. Identified, motivated and nurtured young and vibrant communicators for the party. 4. Advocated for the inclusion of the Youth Organisers and deputies in all conferences of the great NPP 5. He skillfully lobbied and got National Conference to allow the youth to have their separate annual conferences to, among other things elect their leaders. This laudable idea, enticed many of the youth to join the great NPP. 6. Supported and advocated for the recognition and voting rights of TESCON at both Regional and National level. This again attracted many students within the Tertiary institutions to join TESCON. 7. He as well, motivated youthful members of the party, to contest various position of the party. We therefore debunk these allegations and advise all, especially delegates, to treat it with all the contempt it deserves. Thank God, Party people are wide awake and these cork and bull story will not fly. As we stated in our congratulatory press release on Monday 27th January, 2014 to all newly elected regional executives, that he "look forward to working with you vigorously for Victory 2016 and working closely with you to strengthen our relationship further, and to address together the many common challenges that faces our great Party." John Boadu knows and understands the herculean task ahead. He has already visualised the NPP's "Victory 2016" as a National Organiser aspirant. He's been able to picture the completed task and what it will take to accomplish it. His loyalty to the Great NPP is unquestionable and he's ever ready to withstand reaction to tasks. He is an able and decisive person. He will inspire and encourage all NPP members to complete the "Victory 2016" job together through approval, praise, reproof, and all forms of challenges. We therefore once again, advise all to come out with what they can also do to ensure a resounding victory that we all yearn for, in order to alleviate the misery and abject poverty Mahamah/Athur administration is subjecting Ghanaians into.