Goodbye Komla Dumor, Till We Meet Again

The humble journey that begun in Ghana and saw him become a global icon, will finally come to an end, when Komla Afeke Dumor is laid to rest over the weekend. Komla Afeke Dumor, will take his final journey on earth to meet his maker. Tears will roll for him, a lot will be said about him, the country will truly mourn him, as we celebrated him when he was alive. This young and budding talent met his untimely death on Saturday, January 18, in his home in London, after hosting his focus on Africa programme on Friday which was his last, never to be seen or heard again. He bid his listeners goodbye with a promise of coming into their homes the following week. Unfortunately, the creator, the omnipotent thought that was his last show and that he has fulfilled his mission on earth and so called him. What became a rumour, was eventually confirmed when a close friend, Herbert Mensah spoke on Joy FM and the nation stood still. We woke up to a bright Saturday morning, but it turn out to be a sad day for this country, the continent and the world. Komla had served his purpose, even beyond our imagination. He was our Ambassador extraordinaire. The least we can do for his memory and the memory of those before him is to begin to accept the fact that given the opportunity we can produce another Kwame Nkrumah, Komla Dumor etc. Our leaders, must recognize that if it was possible for us to achieve a lot under our first President on the eve of independence, it can still be done today, even with the benefit of advancement and the technological era. The Journalists in this country must also realize and appreciate that if Komla Afeke Dumor, could make it to the top, regardless of his background, it can be done by all. we must learn to upload professionalism and make the truth our hallmark.