Where Is Francess Essiam?

Once in a while, politics throws up one of its obnoxious by-product to remind us that whereas they are good men in politics, you can expect another reckless organization of individuals, who can best be described as rolling stones. Growing up as a boy, I had the penchant of reading and so do remember some of the few phrases, I used to flaunt among my friends, one of such phrases is ďA man without principles is not worth livingĒ. If there is anybody in Ghana who fits the description political prostitute, then look no further than Frances Essiam. She has fraternized with virtually all the major political parties in this country, from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) to the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Like a plague any party she associates herself with looses an election. The NPP was the worst culprit of her bad luck, she was allowed to contest for the Parliamentary Seat of Adenta, which she lost miserably and the party lost as well. Interesting times and interesting happenings in the NPP, if Frances Essiam was allowed to contest to represent a Constituency, how on earth do you even contemplate disallowing Paul Afoko from contesting for the Chairmanship position of the party, based on mere petition from an unknown person. Frances the blabber, has insulted and cast aspersions at every leader, we have had in this country, since the advent of the 1992 dispensation. Former President, Jerry John Rawlings, whom she used to admire and defend even to the point of death, was subjected to verbal abuse of unimaginable kind. Ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor, also had his fair share of her vituperations, she hurled all kind of insults at him, using unprintable words against the man for simply wanting to serve his nation. Her new found love, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was not left out. Her bitter tongue and rowdy nature came heavily on Nana Addo. He was referred to by so many words, but today Frances wants to mount the moral high ground to say Nana Addo is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. It is said that the only permanent thing in life is change and it is only a fool who does not change his or her mind, but the rate at which Frances changes her mind leaves so much to be desired. Politics is about principles and it is a mass movement of individuals with like minds and objectives. So before one identifies himself or herself with a political party, one must be convinced and resolute in the principles that form the foundation of that party. How is it that Frances does not assess herself and learn to appreciate the foundation of a political party before joining? The people of Adenta expected more from the NPP and so for the party to give them Frances was an insult to them and indeed, they showed the party that when you disrespect us, we donít also give you what you want. When you belong to a group, you are expected to subdue your personal interest for the larger interest of the group. Over time, Frances has shown that she always comes first before anybody and any other thing. This is why it is not difficult for her to change political parties like her under wear. Anybody who finds it convenient to change political parties based on disagreements is not worth keeping. Even in the best of situations, like a relationship, there is always room for disagreements, it is what strengthens and defines a relationship or engagement, if at any time you disagree with somebody, you walk out, then you cannot be trusted in times of need. When you divorce more than three women, then it means the problem is not the women, but you. So based on this logic, Frances is the problem not the political parties. Frances Essiam, has gone into political hibernation. I have not heard of her since the Supreme Court gave it ruling in a landmark election case brought before it by three leading members of the NPP, namely; Nana Addo, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey. I always use to hear her on Oman FM, spewing gibberish and garbage and heaping insults on the person of President John Dramani Mahama and the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwawdo Afari Djan, for allegedly rigging 2012 election. Her stock in trade is insult; her political opponents must definitely taste her sharp and bitter tongue. One may want to ask, was it in furtherance of democracy, NPP or as usual it was for personal reasons. All of a sudden, she is missing in action. I will want to know whether she is counting her days in the NPP and perhaps contemplating to join Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduomís Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), because after all that is what she is good at. Where ever she is hiding, I will want to know what her political future is. Has she learnt any lessons from her politics of insults that opened doors for her at the NPP, because the louder you speak and the harsher you insult, you get recognition and given a seat at the high table. A woman who is supposed to be a role model has turned herself into a vessel for denigrating political opponent. The respect that women attract and command in society, because they are seen as models for societal conformity has been thrown to the dogs by the likes of Francaise Essiam, who are cloth in dirt and want to play in the mud. I hope when she resurfaces again as election 2016 approaches, she will redefine her role in politics and will leave behind her old self and behave maturely and responsibly as she is growing. The kind of gutter politics that characterizes her politics must be left to the younger ones and even them, we donít have room for this primitive type of politics. We need to engage in politics of dialogue and consensus building that will advance the cause of our people.