KATH Doctor Slams GFA For Decision To Hire 'Placenta Nurse' To World Cup

A Pathologist at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hopital, Dr. Opoku Sampene has mocked the Ghana Football Association's decision to hire a Serbian placenta healer Mariana Kovacevic to the World Cup, claiming it extraneous and needless. The former management member of Accra Hearts of Oak believes that the Ghana Football Association is excessively emphasizing on the importance of bringing back the Serbian woman for reasons best know to them. He insists that the medical process of healing with the placenta has been common in Ghana and the world at large and that there is nothing extraordinary in hiring a woman who specialises in that act. Kovacevic is part of a ten-member supporting staff which includes a team administrator, physiotherapist, media officer, protocol officer, two national security operatives, therapist, two caterers and drummer/entertainer but Dr Sampene believes the Kovacevic's comeback and role is implausible. "This placenta healer that we are bringing to join Ghana's medical team to the World Cup is to me very irrelevant". "We have had people who heal with this placenta in Ghana for over a very long time and it is not something new or strange to heal with a placenta so they (GFA) shouldnt make it seem like we are hiring a professional medical doctor who has special roles to play". "Why must it be a white (expatriate) placenta healer if we have many people healing with that same methods here?, its questionable and very highly unecessary". "We are going to pay huge sums of monies to this woman but trust me she hasn't got anything special". The Belgrade housewife has treated Premier League stars such as Frank Lampard, Robin van Persie and Glen Johnson at her clinic.