We Go For Love And Not Money � Ex Footballer�s Wife

A recent report by goal.com, a sports-based website, says about 33 percent of footballers� wives divorced them exactly a year after retiring from football, and about 40 percent are declared bankrupt five years after their active playing career. Recent divorce cases of footballers in Ghana seem to have ignited the debate of whether these women go in for love or for money and fame. Recently, John Paintsil�s wife filed a divorce suit against her husband. 'Razz' Newspaper contacted an ex-footballer, Emmanuel Duah�s ex wife � Lawrencia Thompson Duah � and the following was her response - I did not go in for money. I got married to my ex-husband because I loved him, and I do not think any of the footballers� wives went into their marriages because of money and fame. It is also not true that we got married to them because they were footballers and had money. On the contrary, we got married to them because we loved them and we would still have gotten married to them if they were not footballers at that time. I think it is the level of attraction which had nothing to do with either money or fame.� Responding to various allegations leveled against them that most of these women are sophisticated in terms of education and lifestyle, Lawrencia stated; �we do not love their money. They rather come chasing us.� She believes the footballers come chasing them because they are the kind of women the footballers prefer. Lawrencia Thompson Duah is a media practitioner and an ex wife of Emmanuel Duah.