Polo: �I Don�t Understand Why Hearts Keeps Losing�But I�ll Only Leave At The Right Time�

AAccra Hearts of Oak Head Coach, Alhaji Mohammed Ahmed (Polo) is appears flustered and upset with his players attitude on the field of play and their losing spree in recent times. According to him, tactically, he has done his part to ensure the team wins its matches but it�s rather unfortunate that results are not going their way as expected. Heart of Lions over the weekend beat Hearts of Oak to second-place in the First Capital Plus Bank Premier League standing after defeating the Phobians 2-1 in Accra. The Phobians were undone at their home ground as the race for the CAF Champions League between both sides went the way of the visitors from Kpando. Speaking to PEACE POWER SPORTS, the former Hearts legendary player now coach seems befuddled by happenings within the club. �I don�t understand myself�I don�t understand. Though we understand its football, but if this is how football goes, then there is more to football than we see. Clare chances and they [players] cannot score, so what do we do? Sometimes I blame the players because they are not being of help. I am doing my job and those who have eyes can see what I am doing�The performance being put up by the playing body is there for everyone to see, if that is their best then it is not enough,� he said. The Dribbling Magician as Mohammed Polo was known in his heydays, however believed the poor run of results chalked by the team recently is not natural. �Some people are against me and want my downfall. We are not supposed to lose some matches yet we are losing�what is wrong?� Asked if based on the current happenings he is ready to resign from the club as Coach, Mohammed Polo replied; �at the right time I will go.�