Lunatic Journalists Want To Destroy Me � FA boss

Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi has launched a stinging pot at �wicked� journalists for creating disaffection for the association over the 2014 World Cup budget, labeling them as �lunatics�. The ever-smiling and ambitious Ghanaian football leader is livid with constant allegations of corruption against the FA in the wake of intense debate over the approved budget for the 2014 World Cup. Government has approved a figure in the region of $9 million for the global showpiece in Brazil, which is a far cry from the reported $20 million amount, speculated in the local media for weeks. Nyantakyi has gone banana-crazy over the debate on the budget and says the figures being bandied about in the media are being concocted by �wicked� journalists, who are determined to see his back. �All these brouhaha and controversies about the World Cup budget were concocted by wicked (journalists) who should have known better and who knows the real truth but won�t say it as it is,� Nyantakayi is quoted by �It can only take a lunatic to say such things, because if only you are not sick in the head and not a mad man, you wouldn�t talk about inflated figures in the budget. �How can a person who is mentally sound, how can a person who is not a lunatic publish and claim that the Ghana Football Association has inflated figures that we are sending to the minister and the chief of staff?� �They have planned, all these have been planned and I believe it�s intentional and they just want to say bad things about the GFA. �You can at times get confused to even determine whether such people are truly Ghanaians because after all, the budget that we prepare will be sent to the minister and the minister is not blind�. Nyantakyi�s outburst could spark another wave of debate in the West African country with barely two months left for the biggest football tournament on earth. Every budget for Ghana�s World Cup participation resurrects a ritual of debate over whether the amount is prudent for a one-month long competition or an overly wasteful outlay of scarce resources.