John Dumelo Takes the Train In London�. (PHOTO)

I understand this is not news and there is nothing special about John Dumelo taking the train in London � after all, the Prime Minister, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez and others do take the train. But the reason why I am posting this is to slap it in the face of those Ghanaian Celebrities who have in the past expressly or impliedly stated they cannot take the train out here in London. I�ve dealt with several Ghanaian Celebrities who do not drive in London and yet when you ask them to jump on the train (which is cheaper, quicker and convenient) they go mute over the phone. Mostly, I follow my suggestion with; no one will recognize you so if you are worried about your status, then that should not be a problem� And when they hear the prices of taxis, they roll their eyes too. So as usual, they have to rely on friends and family who may not have time to chauffeur them around�mostly, inconveniencing these people. If you can�t afford the expensive London taxi or can�t afford to be stuck in the thick London traffic, just jump on the train�