TUC concerned about low productivity

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) is concerned about low productivity among public sector workers as well as low remuneration, says Dr Anthony Yaw Baah, Deputy Secretary-General at a workers� forum in Ho. He was responding to a concern raised by Emmanuel Apawudza, staff of the Ho Municipal Assembly, that there was too much idling in the public sector. Dr Baah agreed that a majority of public sector workers do very little or no work to justify their wages, while about 10 per cent over work. �It is real. You are bold as a public servant to say so,� he stated. Dr Baah, a Labour Economist said there should be a form of labour rationalisation to correct the nagging issue of a few people working while others loaf. Regarding corruption he warned that the canker could collapse the country. Dr Baah observed that monies swindled from government through devious means could be over and above what is paid to public sector workers. He said an audit of properties springing up across country would reveal that quite a number were fallouts of institutionalised underhand dealings. Dr Baah said corruption had virtually taken Ghana hostage, prevalent everywhere, at the low, middle and high places. �Wherever you are you use your position and uniform to seek your selfish interests,� he stated. Dr Baah said the proverbial monies taken from drivers by police personnel are trivial, �when you have an idea of the millions of cedis, just strokes of the pen� haul out of the national kitty, from various transactions.