Anima Misa Kills KSM In �Confessions of a GH Man�

For the first time in history, the �KSM character� will no longer be seen on stage as it has been killed by his elder sister Anima Misa in his upcoming performance dubbed �Confessions of a GH Man�. The new director, Anima Misa, is making sure that the �KSM Character� which has dominated all his performances over the past decades dies, giving a new dimension to this hilarious stand-up performance. �John Toyo� will be the new face in town at the National Theatre this coming Saturday 3rd May, 2014. Although it is a sequel to the very successful �Secrets of Gh Girls,� the introduction of a new director to �the Confessions of a GH Man� has given it another twist, promising a more hilarious performance than the former. Speaking in an exclusive interview, the King of Satire, KSM, said his fans should expect something they have never seen before with the infusion of another director. He said it�s always been a personal journey for him since all his performances are self-directed so they should expect a totally different person whom they have never seen or watched before. �Expect something you have never seen before because this is the first show that I am doing that is being directed by somebody. All the shows that I have done are self directed; I don�t share the scripts; it�s been a very personal journey for me. I have my idea, I create it, I go out and perform it the way I see it in my mind,� he told The Bizportal. According to KSM, the main reason why he decided to get a director was that he wants to give �the Confessions of a GH Man� a whole new experience �I decided to make room for a different eye to look at it, if possible criticize it, add or take away. It�s still a one man show but I have a director now.� �Little things that are �KSMish� will be taken out,� he added. He revealed his decision to opt for a female director instead of a male one saying he wanted to give a holistic perspective to the topic at hand. �I think it is even better for a lady to direct it. It is even better to have a lady�s perspective especially on this play because myself and guys think alike and the things that we agree on are still alike but a lady watching a man making a confession is able to bring other dimensions to it that a guy would not notice.� Touching more on the �John Toyo� character he would be playing, KSM said he is a marriage counselor or relationship expert who has lived in New York and the UK and isgoing to tell us about GH men. �John Toyo will be confessing certain things he believes a woman should know about GH Men� he added. Also sharing her experience with The Bizportal, the new director Anima Misa said it was very challenging trying to kill the �KSM character� to resurrect �John Toyo.� �In terms of working with him it is not a problem at all because we work together all the time but directing him is more challenging�in the sense that so much work has to be done on loosing himself and becoming someone else and it is very easy to always slip back into being you again.� She said the whole concept is getting someone, who is always reminding him so that he (KSM) doesn't use things which are very familiar with the KSM character. �The whole aim is to make sure that I kill KSM, so you have to come to see how much of him I have killed to resurrect John Toyo,� she added. As typical of KSM shows, the �Confessions of a GH Man� will start on time. The first show will start at 4pm prompt with the second show starting at exactly 8pm. There will be performance from two upcoming musicians namely: Elim and Tintin o�clock. The ever talented poet Abdul Momen will treat the audience to a nice poetry which will definitely match the occasion and one surprise act before KSM mounts the stage. As usual, the show will be hosted by comedian James Brown.Tickets are going for 50GHC regular and 100GHC VIP.