Franklin Cudjoe Praises Shatta Wale

The just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) saw the self acclaimed dancehall king crowned the Artist of the Year. Though Shatter Wale has a large following across the country, the choking of this feat has been met with criticism from many quarters, which believe the winning of three categories by this year�s VGMA Artist of the Year, is a reward to hooliganism, mediocrity and noise making. But Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Ghana has described these denigration of the newly crowned star of Ghanaian music as unsolicited. According to him, �The unsophisticated Ghanaian is ranting about why Shatta Wale shouldn't have won the artist of the year award�. The IMANI President holds the view that, if for nothing at all, Shatte Wale must be commended for being able to re-brand himself after going through a turbulent period in his music carrier. �Yes, without science and mere religious hypocrisy they crucify this great music strategist who had been sidelined by the Ghanaian media for 11 years, declared unfit for any music award, went underground stayed in Jamaica for nearly 5 years, learnt the ways of greatest dance hall musicians, re-branded himself began a movement to have many converts in Ghana and now he's done it.� In a post on his Facebook Wall, barely 48hours after the awards, Franklin Cudjoe further applauded Sahata Walle�s Managemnet Team for the good work done and also called on his detractors to take pains to �study how a Shatta Wale made it�. He, however, disclosed that the Guardian Newspaper in the United Kingdom has identified Shatta Wale one of the few Artist on the Continent who can make an impact globally but was quick to bemoan the fact that he is being chastised in his own country.