Kumasi Residents Reject Lumba�s �Yentie Obiaa�

President Mahama was in Kumasi days ago and the song he used during his stay was Daddy Lumba�s �yentie obia�. The action of the president has resulted in the people of the city rejecting the song. Adom News reports that following the adoption and use of ace musician Daddy Lumba�s latest song �Yentie Obiaa� by President Mahama during his recent visit to the Ashanti Region, some residents in the opposition stronghold of Kumasi have decided to boycott the song. Some of the residents have told Adom News that any time they heard the song being played, to them, it seems as if an insinuation is being cast at them by the President, hence their rejection of the song. A beer bar operator described the situation as being so bad because customers always walk out of his bar when the song is being played. A resident described the song as having suffered the same fate as a cocoa tree under attack from the dreaded swollen shoot disease.Though most of them feel sorry for the renowned musician�s potential loss in arguably the biggest market in Ghana as a result of its virtual hijack by the ruling party, they insist they just could no longer stand the song again because of the attitude of the President. This situation notwithstanding, most of them insisted that they still love the ace musician, Daddy Lumba.