Speaking Pidgin English Is Not Easy-Yvonne Okoro

Popular Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro has described her role in an upcoming Nigerian movie she is currently filming as hilarious and very difficult at the same time. The beautiful actress, who is known for her award-winning performances, is well remembered for her hilarious roles in ‘Why Marry’ and ‘The Game’. She also wowed with her performance in the movie scene last year with her first produced movie titled ‘Contract’, which won several awards at the last AMVCA. Yvonne is presently busy in Nigeria, where she has been shooting movies this year, aside working on her Desamour produced TV programme, ‘Dinning With’. She was this week on a location in Owerri for her first waitress role. She is playing an armed robber who disguises herself as a waitress to extract information from a detective. The role demands that Yvonne speaks Pidgin English extensively. Before going on set, she took some time to get acquainted with the language. “It is very funny. I suffered with the accent but I got it later,” she said yesterday. It is her first time taking up a Pidgin English role, having been tagged as one of Ghana’s few actresses who speak impeccable English language.