Bridging The Ineptitude In Our Politics

Ghana politics and the way forward over the years have appeared to be a major concern of most political activists who have attempted to disconnect our politics from cynicism, cronyism, mediocrity and greed. Despite these numerous efforts, nothing better seems to have been achieved so far. The cycle of frustrations continue to dominate our body politics, a situation where elements in the opposition party engage in charades and machinations to see the fall of their political opponents in government. This kind of primitive thinking which undeniably underscores and rape the sole purpose of good governance and development seems to have relegated through the back doors in most developed economies but Africa especially Ghana despite its menace, have no regret for choosing this ugly path. Isn't it quite interesting to have every policy plan by government being criticised by members of the opposition who fail to profess a feasible alternative dealing with such situations, the purpose has always been making the government unpopular in the eyes of the people for political capital where in other jurisdictions like the United States, there are enough evidence to show inter-party collaboration to drive the developmental goals of America. In most of the rich economies, there are consensus on most developmental plans hence concerted effort required to give concrete life to these developmental goals are never denied but Ghana's situation is different, there's a certain force of unimaginable propensity with deliberate intends to salvage government plans. In another instance, you may have all in government with some spirited effort to defend even the indefensible especially on matters which bother on the interest of the party and have the tendency to mar its integrity irrespective of how damming the ramifications on the economic fortunes of the country will be. The sole purpose of forming political parties appears to have been defeated by this kind of brutish and rapacious gestures dominating African politics. In the Ghana, over the years, the two major political parties, the NPP and the NDC, who are sighted as the sole managers of what many describe as "the cycle of frustrations, a deliberate attempt to treat the progresses and performances of government with impunity and deliberately twisting naked facts for political expediency. My question is, what has happened to the conscience and the moral faculty of Ghanaians. Elements heading these institutions have aligned themselves to party affiliations, a situation which has rendered them incapacitated to stay in line with their core functions and powers. Like Obama once said, "Africa need strong institutions not strong men" we seem to be missing the link. Ghana is rather building strong men with greedy tendacies likely to ravage its future, at the moment, all the state institutions are nursing inefficiencies in the operations leaving the country under the mercies of some sly politicians who explore the nation to suit their unending quest for money. State co-operations are seething with inefficiencies and impropriety, the services they render leaves much to be desired. Who in this country is not aware that the VRA, the ECG, the Ghana Water Company, banks belonging to the state etc, have been rendering bad services to Ghanaians but because our monitoring systems are ineffective and the sagging nature of our laws, no one dares to complain. Government has been changing hands over the years but these co-operations continue to treat the poor masses who feed them monthly with fat salaries with impunity. We need to begin thinking as one people with a common destiny and vision. The moral institutions naturally charged with the role of building the moral capacity of the people have turned away from their core duties and have rather become money making machineries robbing the innocents to satisfy their unending quest for money. I strongly agree with the school of thought which contends that there's still room for significant improvement. His Excellency John Dramani Mahama must crack the whip by pulling these institutions crawling on their knees into action once again. Failure and the lack of political will over the years to sanction these cooperation for their operational inefficiencies has accounted for the current situation. Our leaders require strategic thinking and prudent managerial skills to help revive the sinking economic image of Ghana. Governance should be directed towards saving the next generation but not the next elections therefore a collective role from all diverse groups irrespective of party affiliations and alliances is required to fix this country.. The Bible is my witness