Let�s Celebrate The Stars In Style � Prez

Ahead of the 2014 world cup in Brazil where thirty two countries are going to hassle each other in the spirit of unity, Ghana�s president John Dramani Mahama has called on Ghanaians everywhere to celebrate the Black Stars (BS) in any form or shape. The president hosted the team to a dinner at the Banquet Hall in Accra where he reposed confidence in the team. Briefing the Presidential Press (PP) at the flagstaff house an elated Communications Director (CD) at the office of the president Ben Dotse Malor who wore a replica home Jersey of the Black Stars and a miniature Ghanaian flag said ��this is the time for all of us as Ghanaians to start making some noise with paraphernalia�s, flags, replica jerseys et al because the president believes the BS are going to Brazil to make an even greater impact.�� According to Dotse Malor, the president and the whole nation were behind the black stars saying, it is now ready to get into the world cup fever particularly support the BS. ��it�s time begin to show our support, to start raising the flag, start wearing the national colors and start wearing the national kits because the black stars are going to draw a lot of inspiration from what we do and we say. Though they are in far away Brazil, they are still in touch with home.�� The presidential spokesperson urged the nation to show massive support for the Black Stars by wearing their jerseys, and the national colors. "the president believes they got all it takes for them to succeed greatly from where we have been before. To this end, the President is calling on Ghanaians to provide all kinds of support, even material support. Hon Elvis and his team are doing a great job to try and rally all the support, and the president is also adding his voice by calling on all Ghanaians to rally behind the black stars, and not just with best wishes and prayers but to show and demonstrate in every visible way by flying the flag, let them feel the support we have for them as a nation,�� Malor said. We expect and hope the president despite his busy schedule will be able to go personally to offer his support to the team as he normally does.