Raquel Goes �Mental�

Raquel has proven her vocal excellence in the new single �I Won�t Cry� Produced by Ben Kusilin. The ballad, �I Won�t Cry� though not the usual danceable tracks we hear in the clubs today; has made massive waves in Nigeria, South Africa, Gabon and the UK. Raquel always sets herself apart from a lot of the female musicians because each of her releases has proven her statues of �Uniqueness� with intent to represent different music genres in many creative ways, which fans have enjoyed and also criticized over the years. Finally we can put the lyrics to vision as we watch this iconic, almost silhouette art piece Directed by Emmanuel Agyapong aka �Eames� of �Clockwork�. The music video gives the viewer�s much to talk about, having been given the opportunity by her team to exclusively preview before release; I can testify to a double edged sword to the meaning of the song. Is Raquel singing about a relationship between a person and red wine or between 2 people? What does the mental behavior signify and more? But however, I was very excited and drawn into this refreshing music video, very different and indeed it is a masterpiece and takes the music world to a different level of creativity.