GHAMRO�s Radio Logging Software To Be Completed Before The Year Ends � Manager Assures

The Head of ICT at the Ghana Music Right Organization GHAMRO, Mr. Snoopy Mike Gyamfi, has reiterated that GHAMRO shall be completing software to check all radio stations across the length and breadth of Ghana to log songs before the year ends. For many years now, players in Ghana�s showbiz industry have suggested to GHAMRO to use special software to track songs radio stations play so the latter pay royalties to the right owners of the songs they play � musicians. The �telephone nkomo� hit maker, Snoop Mike Gyamfi, who unknown to many, is an IT specialist, explained to the media some weeks back that �in the olden days, we used the manual logging system but it did not work! Hence, we have to make use of technology. That is why we are developing an application. It will be a distributive application; which means, it�s on a server. Everyone can have access to it once the fellow is one way or the other connected to the internet or through whatever handshake between one�s server and the system. We can make it automatic to monitor the radio stations. In that way, we would have more computers or one computer that can search all the frequencies. On the other hand, we can also make the application so that anytime you � radio station, complete your programme, you just log in all the songs and it will reflect on our � GHAMRO server. Again, we can also build the application in such a way that the application will itself record any number of songs that the station plays. So if the stations refuse to use the second option, GHAMRO shall come out with a standard, say the application should record 15 or 20 songs every day. So whether the station log or not, the system will record the number of songs the application records and that is what the station will pay! It will record the song, the number of times it was played and the time of play. Asked when it will be implemented or operational, Mr. Gyamfi added. Following up on the story for update, Mr. Gyamfi has told GhanaCelebrities.Com that �we are looking at completing the software and doing a pilot study with some Accra based radio stations before the end of the year to test the application, its quality and evaluation it. We shall give it out for testing so that we can detect all the loopholes and finally release it out to all radio stations across the country.� GhanaCelebrities.Com gathered that but for the recent in-fighting at GHAMRO, they would have completed with the software long ago. GhanaCelebrities.Com had the exclusive privilege of seeing the system on GHAMRO�s lap top as Mr. Gyamfi worked on the application. We give encomium to the executives at GHAMRO for such an initiative and strongly wish their initiative sees the light of the day. Until then�MOTWUM!!