Gosh, These Girls!

How do the banks recruit their female staff? I wonder! Could it be that they ask female applicants to attach their photographs to their applications? At least I have once applied for a job in an institution which requested we added our photos to our applications.So I know that happens in some cases. �Or do they head-hunt their female staff? I have in the past month transacted a lot of business in five different banks whose names I don�t want to mention.One thing was common to 97% of the female staff I came into contact with. I shall soon let you know what. A recent rainstorm which hit my Alma Matter had its rusted roofing sheets ripping off. That�s not all. The structure which held the roof in place also caved in in different sections of the classroom block whose weakened blocks had developed large cracks.With no windows or doors, the classrooms doubled as sheep and goat pen in the community.Oh, sometimes I wish I had the means of bringing deliverance to the school which made me what I am. The situation of the school is so dismal.A nearby church has become the classroom for classes one to six.Can you imagine the chaos in that make-shift of a classroom when lessons are going on? I am told that there is a concentration-on-lessons-challenge among the pupils. There have been cases where pupils of class two, during maths lessons, have ended up repeating what the class three teacher has during English lessons, asked his pupils to repeat after him.So let�s say, if the Class Three teacher asked his pupils to read aloud, �Ama is going to beat the boy�, you will hear the class two pupils also saying, �Ama is going to beat the boy�. And these are kids writing the same exams with those in the plush private schools in Accra and other cities, running the same curriculum. Oh sometimes life is unfair. As if being bunched up isn�t enough, they sit on the floor to hold classes. The space in our town�s Church of Pentecost, which is housing the school presently, is so inadequate, there is no way they could move their desks and chairs in there. That minster seats just about 70 people. I had a discussion with five of my school mates who live here in Accra, about the need for us to come together to fix the school�s roofs.They in turn got other mates of ours to support this worthy course.As I write, we have managed to get seventeen mates of ours to accomplish the mission.Some, in pursuit of payment, handed over to me, cash cheques which required my transaction of business with their various banks. We have gotten a supplier of the roofing sheets with whom we have lodged the cash collected so far. Once we hit the required mark, we shall take delivery of the sheets, and let one of my relatives, a carpenter, do as the favour. So I was in the various banks to transact business. As though divinely ordained or determined, only female staff attended to me in the various financial institutions. And boy! Ninety-eight out of one hundred were stunningly beautiful. How do the banks do the selection? I had noticed something different about these bank girls lately that they looked smart in their skirt and trouser suits, but hadn�t paid attention to their faces and general physique. In fact, at one of the banks, I stared and stared at the teller so much that the lady, dark-skinned with neatly done cropped straightened hair asked, � Madam, please is something the matter?� I could not help but to mention her name which was on her name tag and ask, �Miriam, are you a goddess?� Hahaaaa, mind you, I haven�t seen a goddess before.I saw her blush through her dark skin.Then she smiled at me, exposing serious dimples in both cheeks, and a white set of teeth, and said, �you are not the first person to ask me this question�. She was strikingly georgeous. One other attendant who served me in a bank located at Ridge � oh, she had soft eyes and flawless fair skin; very curvy with a small waist, she was a head-turning beauty. I began to wonder how their male counterparts felt working with them. I don�t think I�ll be far from speaking the truth if I say, most female bank staff of today are stunning; fearfully and wonderfully made. Those that are either short or tall and fat are short, tall and fat with style.Those that are fair are fair with elegance.Same goes for the dark-complexioned. And the kinds of hairstyles they do! It�s as if they have one hair-stylist. If it�s weave-on they are wearing, they are up-to-the-minute. If it�s braids, with a touch of class. And the heels some of them wear at the banking hall. Ei! How they manage to hold themselves in balance on those pencils make me think they have a great deal of balancing skills.Their nails are well manicured too. If you ask me to rate them one out of ten, I would confidently give these female staff eight out of ten. And they smiled as if their retention of employment depended on that. I really was impressed. But if the banks are employing only beautiful females, what becomes of those with the potential of bringing profits to the bank in many ways, but who may not be as eye-catching as would have been preferred? No wonder some of us never got jobs with the banks. Lord have mercy!