Rlg Surprises Football Fans With G52sports (Limited Edition)

Football fans will have the rare opportunity of watching the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Brazil on their mobile phones irrespective of their location when Rlg releases its special limited edition within the next few days. The G52sports Limited Edition comes on the heels of the very successful G51 TV Phone which won a number of local and international awards including the CIMG Product of the Year Award by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG). The G52sports Limited Edition is a feature phone and comes with some incredible features to meet the taste of high mobile and sophisticated professionals. Global Head of Rlg, Alex Lu won’t give more details on this product excerpt to say “Just as any serious device maker will do, we are looking at increasing the average revenue per user with easy and offer positioning and user scenarios. The end user earns flexibility, independence and a sense of control”. Mobile TV service brings portability to an activity usually confined to the home thereby enhancing personal and intimate viewing experience. “Watching TV on a mobile phone gives a handset or any device equipped with a TV receiver an added dimension and brings significant benefits to the user”, he said. Mobile TV fills blanks in the day; whether on the bus or in a waiting room, catching up on the thrills, the anxiety and the celebrations.