VIDEO: Wanlov & M3nsa Turn Pastors

Wanlov the Kubolor and his singing partner M3nsa, who together make up Foes of Kwame Nkrumah (FOKN) Bios, say they are prepared to quit music to become pastors. The controversial musicians, who many people consider �blasphemous� in a video available to News-One, gave the name of their church as FOKN Multi-national Ministries Kingdom. �FOKN Multinational Ministries Kingdom is where the members are so rich, God has blessed them so our boxes and basket are full and you receive 10 folds of what you give. Do not be afraid to release from your pocket,� M3nsa stated. According to M3nsa, inspiring people and telling them how you can change their lives was more interesting than rapping. �People sit and look up to you on a pulpit and you are standing there, telling them how things are going to change, how money is going to come into their lives and through you all these things are going to happen. That is the best piece of entertainment anybody can have on a Sunday. It is better than anything a rapper is going to say because rappers talk about what they have, how they are living big, how many girls they�ve got, how much sex they have and how much alcohol and drugs they do and all that. �All of that is boring. Inspire people and tell them how if they give you their money you are going to make them rich and how you are going to change their lives if they come for personal private prayer naked in the dark in a room after 10:00pm; that is really more interesting,� he added. Wanlov and M3nsa happen to be the only Ghanaians who got nominated for the Durban International Film Festival. The second sequel for their �Coz Ov Moni� movie will be screen at the 35th edition of the film festival slated for July 17 to 27 in South Africa. The Durban International Film Festival is South Africa�s largest and longest running film festival organized by the Center for Creative Arts at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.