Government Doesn�t Pay National Team Coaches; GFA Pays All � Ministry Clarifies

Contrary to the widely-held view that the government of Ghana pays Black Stars coaches, it has emerged that the Ghana Football Association has been paying the coaches from its own resources. Chief Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Alhaji Abdulai Yakubu and Chief Accountant of the Ministry, Prosper Kpasu, on Monday informed the Presidential Commission on the Brazil 2014 World Cup, that the government doesn�t pay any National Team Coach and that the responsibility rests with the Ghana Football Association. Appearing on Day 5 of the Commission's sittings, the two told the three-man body that the government has no hand in the payment of Black Stars Coach Kwesi Appiah or any of his technical bench. �That is strictly in the hands of the GFA. The GFA pays the coach and the GFA pays all the members of the Technical team. Government pays nothing to them. It is totally handled by the GFA�, Alhaji Abdulai Yakubu told the Commission, a statement confirmed by the Chief Accountant of the Ministry. This seemed to have surprised member of the Commission, Moses Foh Amoaning, who was obviously unaware of the current arrangement and led him to suggest to the Ministry officials that they crosscheck the arrangements. However, the officials of the Ministry were clear that government had no hand in the salary and emoluments of the Black Stars technical handlers as the GFA takes care of their salaries and other conditions of service. Providing more information to the Commission, Mr. Prosper Akpasu, Chief Accountant of the Ministry told the Commission that the Ministry and for that matter, government, does not pay any of the National Team Coaches, from the Black Starlets and Black Maidens to the Black Stars and Black Queens. The Brazil 2014 World Cup Commission was set up by the President to investigate matters relating to the disappointing Black Star appearance at the global football showpiece and has been tasked with the responsibility to bring out proposals to forestall a recurrence in the future. On Friday, the Chief Accountant and Chief Director of the Ministry of Youth & Sports confirmed to the Commission that the GFA does not handle or manage public funds as the Ministry appoints an accountant to follow the team and make payments on costs incurred. The latest disclosure on payment of National Team Coaches like the clarification on the GFA not handling public funds, should go a long way to settle various arguments on the government�s specific relationship with the GFA especially with regard to what areas the state expends public funds. The revelation is a boost for the image of the GFA which has been battered by several distorted reports about how government pays the national teams coaches as it is now clear that this is not the case and that the Football Association has taken this chunk of responsibility off the shoulders of government.