Hear My Voice, Mr. President

The chief executive officer of think twice group, Mr Ernest Birmeh, popularly called �Dr Think Twice� a very vibrant with innovation is urging the president to hear him, since he can help reduce youth unemployment in the country. He has keenly been following the president�s statements such as �act outside the box� this he said has challenged him to come out with innovation to help reduce youth unemployment. The project, according to him, is expected to cover million unemployed youth nationwide. The concept is about a book on educational project, which reveals a common social canker which sweeps across the entire African continent,. Is all about societal pressure, �when will you marry, when will you give birth, does your manhood works, prove it, one is not ok, what about males or females� etc. The pressure has not helped quality production of children into the nation, and it�s a source of our numerous problems. Despite good reasons society has. There is therefore the need to educate the masses on the negative implications of the pressure to ensure quality production of children and unearth the potentials in them. This is what the is book about; one does not need to be a degree, HND or other certificates holder before getting on board the concept. All what is needed is a computer and little knowledge of how to use the computer to keep data and transfer something onto CDs. It is all about �family and talent management�. The book would be converted into audio visuals based on predominant language spoken in every region. This will be given to the youth for free, who will sell it in every electoral area in the country. To maintain the concept, they will manage talents of the children based on another concept. This is my quota to my beloved nation Ghana. I am therefore appealing to the president and well meaning Ghanaians who are concerned about the plight of youth unemployment to come to my aid to make this dream a reality.