Kate Henshaw Explains Why She Will Stop Acting And Be In Politics For The Next 8 Years

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, says sheís taking a break from acting to join politics for just eight years. In a chat with SaharaTV, the actress cited lengthy stay in politics as reason for much of the problems in Nigeria, on top of corruption on the part of government officials. Though she also said she had no money to share, she states that she will not enter politics for the purpose of financial gain, instead she will ďpushĒ herself to better the country. Kate told SaharaTV: Are you quitting acting for politics? Well, well, I will take a break to serve the larger population of Nigeria. I wonít quit. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a governor and heís back to acting again. You take time off, you serve your people. I donít hope to be there forever. I just want to do, make noise, leave when the ovation is loudest. Thatís the best way. I donít want to be there for 10 years, 12 years, 16 years, thatís the best way. I want to do other things. You wonít exceed 4 to 8 years? 4- 8 years. Thatís the limitÖyou can hold me to my word. There has to be another person, who will go through the process, who would want to try. Thatís the problem. Too many people stay in one place for so long and other people just lose hope and say why would I even bother. On how much money she has and is willing to dole out: Thereís no money. I canít match the people who have been in the system for 20 to 30 years. Iím going with God and my heart. Iím not sharing money. If you continue sharing money it will never stop. If you want a change, a true change, then vote for me and youíll see the change. But if you want money, hey, go for money and stay where you are and donít ever complain.