Kwasi Appiah Contract Guarantees Him Only 3months Salary Compensation

Contrary to early media reports that Black Stars Coach is entitled to a compensation in the region of $876,000 as a result of the termination of his contract, a copy of the contract chanced upon by�. indicates that the ex-Black Stars Coach is entitled to only 3 months salary as compensation in event of a termination. Clauses 9, 10 and 11 of the contract detail the terms under which the contract can be terminated with or without notice and compensation. Clause 9 of the contract details the circumstances by which the Contract can be terminated without notice or compensation. These circumstances include a criminal conviction, any acts of the coach which will bring the name of the Black Stars into disrepute and failure to qualify for the AFCON 2015 or failure to win the AFCON 2015. Clause 10 of the Contract penned by Kwasi Appiah indicates that the Contract will automatically terminate without notice in August 2016. Clause 11 details the terms for termination with notice. �Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 9.0 and 10.0 herein, any party may terminate this Agreement by giving a three (3) month notice to each party or in lieu pay three (3) months� salary�. Per the termination of the contract this week, which do not fall under the circumstances detailed in Clause 9 and 10 therefore, the conditions set out in Clause 11 apply and Kwasi Appiah is entitled to three months salary in place of the 3 months notice the FA failed to give before the termination. Information picked up by �. also suggests that contrary to reports of Kwasi Appiah earning $36,500, the former Ghana Coach earned $25,000 as monthly salary and thus will be due a total of $75,000 as compensation per the contract he penned down and which has been terminated. It is not yet known the source of the earlier information about the Coach being entitled to $876,000 and which part of the contract those sources cited before arriving at that conclusion or whether indeed those sources have cited the contract. The legal teams of the GFA and Kwasi Appiah are expected to meet next week to finalize the arrangements on the termination.