�I Did Not Receive Per Diems In Brazil� � Mr. Nutsu

Mr. Agbesi Nutsu, Camp Commandant at the supporter�s camp in Natal, Brazil has denied allegations that he received per diems worth $25,000 during the World Cup. Testifying before the Justice Senyo Dzamefe Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Monday, he said, �if I had received such an amount of money, my life style will change. �My Lord, I did not receive anything for the work I did in Brazil. It was a sacrificial job for mother Ghana. I had free accommodation, food and travelled to Brazil for free. �That was enough for me since it has boosted my credentials. I went there to work for mother Ghana. �My Lord $25,000 will do a lot of things in my life. If I had that money I will not be like this.� Mr. Nutsu, however noted that his job as the Camp Commandant was made difficult by people who were on the protocol list. According to him, there were supporters and holiday makers in the camp adding that, while supporters were seen rehearsing each day and planning their activities for the matches, the holiday makers were making demands that could not be met. �My Lord, the holiday makers were also making special demands and were seeking special treatments from us and we were not able to meet them. They were not prepared to accept what we provided them and this made my work very difficult.� Asked whether supporters should be sponsored to future competitions, he answered in the affirmative. According to Mr. Nutsu, supporters are very important to the team and should be properly organised for events. He suggested that, all supporter�s body should come under one umbrella to ensure effective organisation.