Load Shedding Creates Jobs

Despite The power rationing which has been very extensive this year and taking its toll on the economy, affecting industries and some small-scale factories in the cities and urban areas, some youth at Lapaz in Accra have been making a fortune through rental of rechargeable lanterns. According to Richard Akwasi Poku, a store keeper who spoke to the 'Daily Heritage', they started the business two years ago with only 20 rechargeable lanterns and rented the lanterns for twenty pesewas. He said now they have 285 rechargeable lanterns at their disposal earning them GH�1.00 a night from each of their customers. Explaining how they carry on their activities, he told the paper the lanterns are recharged in the night before day breaks and are rented out so they don�t lose at all. Master Poku said the lanterns are patronized by food vendors, small shops and stores among others. He said the charged lamps are sent to their customers every evening around 3:30pm and by 6pm all the lamps would have been supplied to customers. Some of those who rent the lanterns close as early as 10pm and 11pm, while others use them till the morning. Information gathered by the paper indicated that they buy GH� 100.00 electricity pre-paid monthly and pocket profit of GH�8,450.00 without paying any tax. �The job is very lucrative, especially, when there is constant power outage,� he added. �When the power stabilizes the job subsides, and more so when the rains set in the vendors don�t mount their tables and display their wares, because majority of them sell openly. They always pray for the power to dwindle, so that they can also use the advantage to make a living.�