Tattoos Motivate Me - Actress

Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah who is known for her love for tattoos has indicated that her tattoos motivate her to survive every challenge that comes her way. The actress, who some time ago was lashed for having slammed a tattoo of her boyfriend�s name at her back, disclosed this on Brunch2Lunch on Radio Univers with Abrantepa saying, �I like art. In addition to that, my tattoos serve as a motivation. It is not easy to have a tattoo on your body. It�s really painful. So for me to be able to sit down and go through all these pains means I can endure anything else. It tells me that, no matter how painful a situation is, it is seasonal.� The �Dearest Princess� movie star added that she does not design her tattoos. The reason is, her tattooist is very creative and gives her a variety to choose from. Explaining why she decided to audition for Big Brother Africa, Vicky said she was getting calls from her fans to. She added that she was the right person to represent Ghana but since the organizers did not choose her, there was nobody to travel from Ghana to South Africa to represent the nation at the show hence, Ghanaians living in South Africa were picked.