National Sanitation Day: Laudable

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. The Alliance for Accountable Governance(AFAG) over the past few months have been concern about the frequent outbreak of Cholera and other health related issues of public health significance. There is no doubt that, our attitude as a people has contributed to the frequency and persistence of these health hazards plaguing various communities in the country. What we need is behavioural change through education and the willingness to put this knowledge into action. Irrespective of our political position against government, AFAG does no politics with health. Death has no boundry. It has no respect for color, tribe,religion or political affiliation. However, when it strikes , we can recoqnise the pain and irreplaceable lost of a dear one. It is in this light that, AFAG deem fit the introduction of the National Sanitation Day by the ministry of local government. We support the kick off, of the maiden edition on saturday the 1st of November. It is a laudable initiative and we urge all and sundry to participate. It's our hope that, other Civil Society can show support for this programme in the best interest of the public. AFAG commends the Ministry for such a positive initiative. Hope it is not politicised. Let us join hands by cleaning our environs because health is key to happy living. Signed: AFAG Leadership