Kwesi Nyantakyi Must Go - Sammy Kuffour

Former Ghana stalwart defender, Samuel Osei Kuffour has hit hard at Ghana Football Association president, Kwesi Nyantakyi, saying he has completely lost focus and direction as Ghana football chief and must, therefore, resign as a matter of principle before causing more embarrassment to Ghana soccer in future international tournaments. Commenting on the leadership of Mr Nyantakyi during an interview on TV3’s Talk Sports programme last Friday, he said the FA president had accomplished so much for the country by leading Ghana to participate in three consecutive World Cup tournaments, but lately Mr Nyantakyi had lost the plot, was at his wit’s end and there was nothing more he could accomplish for the nation than he had achieved during his successful reign as head of the FA. One of the most decorated Ghanaian players who has represented Ghana at every level of international football, Kuffour noted that the present leadership of Mr Nyantakyi was nothing to be proud of, hence the need for him to vacate his position honourably before plunging Ghana’s soccer into an abyss of failures. Lamenting the abysmal performance of the Black Stars during the Brazil 2014 World Cup tournament, Kuffour, who was part of Ghana’s team at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, said but for the selfishness on the part of the leadership of both the FA and the Sports Ministry, Ghana would have performed very creditably. He questioned why some Ghanaians were heaping insults on the players for demanding their appearance fees, saying such monies provided cushion for the players for their future. “Unlike other workers, players have no pension schemes, so it is such monies that help us to plan for our future,” he explained. The former Bayern Munich great lashed at some members of the FA as being egoistic, selfish and inconsiderate, alleging that it was such negative attitudes that might have created a wedge and suspicion between the players and officialdom which culminated in a breakdown of discipline in camp and the resultant confrontation between the two parties. “The FA is there because of the players, so sometimes I wonder why such officials behave as if they are superior to the players. It is because of the players that the FA members travel worldwide for free, as well as sleeping and dining in cosy hotels without paying a pesewa,” he bemoaned. Kuffour did not also spare the ministry either, accusing the officials of creating “a lot of mess during the tournament” but have been very economic with the truth when testifying before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Ghana’s world Cup campaign. “They did not tell the truth when they appeared before the commission, but I am certain that the truth will catch up with them soon.”