Gifty Osei To Sue Starbow Airlines

The only empress in the Ghanaian gospel music industry, Her Royal Highness Gifty Osei will be the number one person in Ghana to give God the Most Praise and Honor for saving her life from a near plane crash. It was recently reported that Gifty Osei was part of the passengers aboard a Starbow flight which made an emergency landing at the Kotoka International Airport last Tuesday 28th October 2014. Gifty Osei who has said severally on many platforms that she�s now scared of taking a local flight to anywhere in the country has revealed to this reporter that, her management and lawyers led by Morris Ampaw are working on serving the Starbow Airlines a court suit. The Starbow flight which was heading towards Takoradi made an emergency landing after developing mechanical fault midair. The C.E.O of Starbow, Mr James Antwi said the fault was due to hydraulic failures and the pilot had to make a flapless landing. Speaking to Flex newspaper, Gifty Osei said that management of Starbow has taken them for granted especially herself. According to her, ever since the incident occurred, they have not even called to check on her as to how she is doing. �I was already sick and was going to Takoradi for treatment; little did I know that this was going to happen. Had it not been the grace of God, we would have been dead by now. My injury deepened, my BP went up, I went into trauma and could not sleep at night, so I was expecting to her from them and none of them called to check on me as if we were animas in the flight. I decided to have forgiven them, but upon a second note and the advice I am gathering from my lawyers, I have to take them on, so they did not do same to any Ghanaian or anyone ever, because my brother, I will never wish anyone to go into what we experienced during that tragic moment. It was terrible. And instead of them to have even apologized to the passengers in the flight and seeing to it that those who developed injuries were sorted out or made sure we are doing well, none of them bothered to check on us. Sometimes if we do not take some actions, Ghanaians will be taken for granted. This thing won�t happen in abroad and I won�t also encourage it here in Ghana,� Gifty Osei said in anger.