Player Sent Off For Showing His Butt In Goal Celebration

That must have been the perfect Christmas gift Portuguese footballer Dally Innocent Gbale had for the opposition fans, BUTT the referee on the day thought otherwise. Dally Innocent Gbale, a player for Portuguese Second Division leaders Freamunde was sent off after showing his behind to opposition fans in a cheeky goal celebration. Not so innocent after all. Gbale scored a late equalizer in a game for Freamunde and could not pass on a chance to ass-tound the opposition fans with his season�s greeting. Bad for him though, the match day referee was ass-tonishingly not in a festive mood. RED CARD, was his very own present to Dally Innocent Gbale. This is not the first time - football has seen this celebration with Joe Barton doing same against Everton during his Manchester City playing days.