All Domestic Flights Cancelled In Ghana

All domestic airlines in Ghana have cancelled their flights due to bad weather. The development has led to tens of passengers being stranded at the domestic terminal of the Kotoka International Airport. Last week, some airlines suspended their flights over similar climatic conditions. A principal meteorological officer Muller Siameh had in an earlier interview told Starr News visibility �is 800 metres and less than 1000 metres, which is very bad and is not good for landing or taking off� It means that we have a lot of dust in the atmosphere which is obscuring visibility and it is not going to be any better� soon. He warned drivers and pilots to be wary of the foggy weather being experienced in the country. An Ethiopian Airways cargo plane traveling from Lome, Togo to Accra, Ghana crash-landed at the Kotoka International Airport Saturday. Bad weather has been confirmed to have contributed to the crash landing incident.