My Father Scolded Wanlov And I Over The Song “Uncle Obama”

Deborah Vanessa, a TV presenter and fashion designer was on eTV’s Late Night Celebrity show with Giovanni and she made some interesting revelations about how her family questions them about their immoral acts when they hit the internet. She said; When I released the Uncle Obama song he called my brother and me and said he wasn’t really happy about the song so we tried to explain to him that when a child heard it, they wouldn’t be able to process it like an adult would. So it was ones maturity level that will determine how deep you could understand the lyrics because there was no vulgar and illicit words and children are innocent to process it to that level. So he understood and he said next time I should try and do a different kind of song. She went on further to say… Another thing he complained about that I remember very well was the dress I wore to the Channel O awards. He wrote a very long text message – about three paragraphs which will equal three texts telling me how he knew I was intelligent, from a good home, well educated, and things like that and shouldn’t be following Lady Gaga and Rihanna of the world. And whoever asked me to wear that dress was a hypocrite. But truth of the matter is that, I don’t follow or copy other people.