Vybrant Faya 'Fights' Shatta Wale

It’s been over a year since new dancehall artiste, Vibrant Faya, released his song, Mambi, which has gained a lot of airplay but the one thing that the artiste is yet to get over is the Shatta Movement tag he has to his name.

Vibrant Faya had the displeasure of fans of Shatta Wale last year, when the Shatta Movement group made claims on various media platforms that Shatta Wale betrayed the group when he registered the Shatta Movement at the Copyright Office without their consent after he left the group.

But despite the calls by people on various social media platforms for Vibrant Faya to give himself a different brand and identity, it seems the Mampi hitmaker is not ready to heed to the call.

In an interview with Showbiz last week Tuesday, Vibrant Faya said that even though he agrees with many who had expressed their opinion that he is rather promoting the brand of Shatta Wale by using Shatta Movement Family (SM), he won’t give up that easily.

“Shatta Wale was part of the Shatta Movement before he betrayed us. We pushed Shatta Wale when he was nobody till he rose to this height in his music career.

“Yes, people will disagree and not have their support but the Shatta Movement Family stands for truth. he may have taken the Shatta Movement but there is nothing wrong if my group also wants to be known as Shatta Movement Family (SMF). We are a family and that is what differentiates us from Shatta’s name,” he stated.

Currently, Vybrant Faya, a member of the SMF group gained recognition for his popular song, Mampi, but despite his success within this short period, the aim of the SMF group, according to Vibrant Faya, is to build his brand to rub shoulders with Shatta Wale.

Known in real life as Emmanuel Kojo Quayson, Vibrant Faya said he is hopeful he will win the New Artiste and Dancehall song of the year awards at this year’s Ghana Music Awards.