Sell ECG - Hammer Suggests

Music producer and the brain behind The Last 2 Music Group, Hammer has proposed that the Electricity Company of Ghana should be sold to a private company to operate.

The legendary beatmaker on his Facebook wall on Friday afternoon wrote that private companies are operated well than those owned by the state.

Edward Nana Poku Osei said Ghana Telecom before its acquisition was performing badly but it became better when it was sold to Vodafone. He agreed that Ghanaians complain about selling public companies but agreed that this will be best for ECG.

Hammer explained:

"Wait a min.. Let’s analyse this.

"We’re all aware our problem as a nation is bad management and maintenance of large corporations with state interests.

"National theatre, conference centre, gbc etc are all deteriorating due to mismanagement and bad maintenance yet when u mention sale of such broken entities, there’s always an uproar as to why it’s being sold and bla bla bla…

"I’ll tell u why, it’s cos we can’t handle them SIMPLE.

"ECG is not any different if u ask me. Cos the best thing tht ever happened to ghana telecom was the Vodafone acquisition. We have seen this happen too many times to worry about the state losing control of such institutions cos frankly the human resource mindset is to blame not the system of operations in these institutions.

"ECG MUST BE SOLD whether we like it or not.

"It’s better for the nation to enjoy reliable and efficient power supply than take pride in government control of a broken down company. How many government interest companies are in ghanas club 100. I bet there’s none.

"Politician Shld stop bickering about which party sold it and who got the kickbacks and all tht fuss and focus on the benefits to the nation if it’s sold and we have stable power.