RPD Members Back Otumfour

As the definition goes, government is of the people for the people, for the people and by the people. It is in this regard that, all inclusive government is of a great paramount. It is obviously clear that, no nation could be developed when politicians are being discriminated against on the job market, even though they have the requisite skills, knowledge and qualifications. Undoubtedly, what see in Ghana is a total deviation from the above mentioned development principles by Prez. John Mahama led NDC government.

Issues of concern

The Reformed Patriotic Democrats (RPD) The R P D has expressed their utmost disappointment at HE J.D. Mahama and his N D C for their failure to at least acknowledge and recognize the R P D contribution to the
N D C success in the 2012 Presidential Elections.

However, the friendship between these two parties goes back to the second round of the 2008 Presidential run-off when the R P D landed its support to the late Prof J E Atta Mills. This has to be known in our current political decision. When many including some in the N D C almost lost hope for the good old Prof in the blessed memory after having trailed by almost two percent (2%) to the incumbent Nana Akuffo-Addo to overturn the table.

The R P D was the party that rekindled that hope and went ahead to publicly pronounce its support for the good old Prof When eventually turned the table and won the run-off of the 2008 Presidential Elections.

Nevertheless, sadly to say that only the flag bearer of the R P D Mr Kwabena Adjei Bambata was subsequently noticed and appointed to the board of the E C G without recourse to any other member of the party. Even with that appointment in 2008 the board was reconstituted after being a member for a few months this notwithstanding, the R P D went ahead and endorsed His Excellency John Dramani Mahama in the 2012 Presidential Elections after a careful and deeply thought through decision besides his own party the National Democratic Congress.

As always HE Mahama won in the first round of the elections, the R P D therefore with a very heavy heart is however, extremely disappointed with the failure of the President and his party to acknowledge this good gesture to at least write a letter of appreciation to the R P D. This situation has caused a lot of discontent and disaffection in the R P D. The NDC government as a matter of fact has shown great discrimination against the natives of Ashanti Region in the areas of appointments and employment opportunities in the country considering the geographical and population size of the Ashanti Kingdom. It is obvious that the region has not gotten the ratio it deserves in sartorial and departmental appointment made by prez. Mahama NDC government as recently pointed out the Asantehene, Otumfour Osei Tutu II during the 8Oth anniversary of the Asante Confederacy.

Political Discrimination

Some renowned political figures in the opposition parties versed in managing and contributing to the success of important sectors such as energy, health, education, economics including the extractive industries have been sidelined; A negative approach which has hindered the development and progress of the nation of ours. This government unlike Ex Prez. J.A Kuffour’s administration has been ungrateful to other political parties especially RPD which supported NDC vigorously to win 2012 general election has not yet been considered even an appointment since NDC 2 assumed power.

Sex and Gender Discrimination

This government (NDC) promised 40% female participation in the administration during 2012 campaign era, but what do we see today? The NDC in its 2012 manifesto promised the amendment of the local government Act 1993, Act 462 to reserve 40% of the president’s appointees to metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies to women but what is happening today? John Mahama has woefully disappointed Ghanaians per the promise in his 2012 campaign.

Finally, we of the RPD calls on the Mahama led government to consider the concerns bothering the general public of Ghana to be addressed accordingly. We also ask Ghanaians to reject the deep seated acrimonious politics that threatens to consume us, and rather make way for alternative politics and good governance, that will deliver selfless and incorruptible government, devoid of ethnic/ regional, political and gender discrimination.

Long Live Ghana, God Bless our Homeland Ghana!!!

Clarence Ankomah
National Youth Organiser