Light Skin Actors Do Not Get The Most Roles - Ama K. Abebrese

Afrocentric actress and Double Cross Co-Producer Ama K Abebrese on eTV Ghana's TLNCS disagreed with comedian Bismark the Joke's opinion that light skin actors got more roles. �I don�t agree with the notion that if you are not fair in the industry then you don�t get casted for roles. If you look at other industries, looking at the world in general, everyone wants to copy what�s happening around them. Lupita Nyong�o is doing great in Hollywood. Viola Davis is doing great and the Nigerian lady in Orange is The New Black too is doing very well. �If you want to think only lights skin people get roles in this industry; I don�t think that�s true. There�s enough room for everybody. And my campaign is about accepting your natural skin color and not falling for bleaching or toning to look lighter.�