John Germain Talks Sex Tape, Baby Making Songs & Nadia

Jon Germain was on The Late Nite Celebrity Show to talk about music and wanting more children.

The singer cum radio host talking about his Valentine’s Day proposal revealed;

“We have been going out for about three years, I always had a picture of the kind of woman I wanted to have as wife and I’m a crazy person. Most of us who know me know am a totally different person. A few months with her, I realized she had the same mental problem I had, because there are times I’m saying something and I think 'this is totally crazy' but she will agree with me. She is a very special person. I’m the kind of person who is either at work or home; so it’s just my close friends who knew we were that close. I don’t know if there’s anyone who loves me like she does.”

Jon also revealed he has two children and hoping to have two more with his wife-to-be Nadia Jeong.

On making music for lovers, the 39 year old said;

“I make baby making songs because about three sextapes that came out had my songs in the background.”