Victims of vain assurances; the case of NDC Branch Executives

The hue and cry of NDC branch executives of the inhumane treatment meted out to them by the leadership of the party across the nation is nothing to write home about and if care is not taken the party risks being revolt against by its foot soldiers.

It is in this light that as a staunch member of this great party (NDC), I wish to express my candid opinion on the poor relationship between the party leadership and the grassroots.

It is very disheartening that those that were born into the NDC party, those that mobilize and organize the grassroots for constituency/ regional and national rallies, those that were appointed to represent the party at the polling stations/ collation centers as polling /counting agents to safeguard the party’s electoral victory even at the peril of their lives will just be forgotten after helping the party so hard to win the polls by the affluent power brokers of the party.

Over the years, the branch executives have managed and organized at the grassroots level; mobilized the support base of the party at every major election, won elections four times in the fourth republic, breathed a new wind into the party not only for an electoral winning machine but also into a party of choice for the nation’s political class.

The NDC 2012 victory was largely gain by grassroots who campaigned tirelessly to get a good number of supporters across the nation who voted massively for the party. The die hard members campaigned non-stop by attending day and night rallies just to maintain the party in government. Some of us forgo our busy schedules to campaign and even used our phone credits to text messages during radio and other media discussions just to market our great umbrella party (NDC).

When the party comes to power eventually, all the hard works of the branch executives and the party foot soldiers are not rewarded by the party elders. During the electioneering season, the big wings within the party assured us of juicy opportunities but immediately the party won power, they (NDC power brokers) leaves the party youths especially the branch executives to their fate.

These individuals, our  ex- President JJ Rawlings termed “greedy bastards, sycophants and boot lickers” just hijack the party and denied the hard working foot soldiers of all their benefits for which they worked so hard to maintain the party in power. These wicked old party gurus do not care about the future of the numerous grassroots but for their selfish interest. These same people are working hard to send the party back to perpetual opposition in 2016.



The mind boggling question that passes through my mind which of course must be answered by the party leadership is; what wrong has the party foot soldiers done to deserve this cruel treatment?

During the erstwhile New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) government, the grassroots were not denied their benefits. They (grassroots) were offered jobs, scholarships and other fringe benefits but can the same be said of the NDC? The answer obliviously is “A BIG NO”!

The Volta Region described as the party’s “World Bank” and where I hail from, some of these greedy, wicked, and vampires who call themselves Voltarians (Ewes) has virtually written the obituary of the party in the Region.

One may wonder why the above assertion? The truth of the matter is that the NDC party elders from the region who are serving in the Mahama led administration have totally abandoned the electorates in the region to their own fate.

The frustration of the Chiefs and People of the region is so much that some chiefs have threatened to ban political activities in their respective towns and vow never to waste their precious times queuing on the scorching sun to cast their votes just for the NDC government to use the back of their hands to thank them. I am saying this on authority that the people of the Volta Region especially the grassroots are tired of the NDC party for their vain assurances and failed promises.

As the Ewe lexis says “NYATEFE ADEWO” which literally means the truth shall set you free. This is the truth!

Today in the NDC, power and authority resides in a few individuals who have become too powerful and attract to themselves all opportunities at the expense of the grassroots; though the (Branch Executives) are the managers and organizers of the party.

The big question that remained unanswered is that how true is this common maxim in the Ghanaian political circles which was consistently used during the land mark election petition hearing by the NDC stalwarts that elections are won at the polling station if the agents that protected and defended the ballots cannot be rewarded?

During the Volta Caucus meeting at Ho on Sunday, 29th December, 2013,  the outspoken former National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Dr. Kwabena Adjei, noted that the dangerous level of greed and corruption among the currently appointees overseeing  the affairs of the country is the worst since the inception of the forth republic.

He noted that President Mahama’s appointees are very greedy and corrupt that they had forgotten the party activist who supported them to get them into office. He said they were only concerned of enriching themselves and their relations leaving any other person, particularly the party foot soldiers to their fate, only to return with handouts to gain their assistance when they need them. He however did not take himself out of the equation as he charged “including me” (Ghana web: Volta Region NDC unhappy).

But, if this is the case then why can’t the party leadership crack the whip on these corrupt officials who are making the NDC government unpopular to the masses?

Again, why have this appointees and party stalwarts become so insensitive to the foot soldiers? Well, their evil deeds will be an albatross hanging on their necks for the years ahead.

It is very sad to arrange a meeting with your DCE/MMCEs, MP, and other government appointees only to be turn away by their lazy security men, Personal Assistants /secretaries with flimsy excuses that he/she is in a meeting or has travelled just to drive you away or denied you access. For all you know these actions are being taken by the employees on the orders of their superiors.

It is very hurting to call your Member of Parliament (MP), the person who represents you in Parliament never to answer your phone calls or even your text messages. Out of frustration many people turn to ask; is it not these same MPs who promised us heaven on earth during the electioneering period? Alas!

If we hear party foot soldiers destroying party properties out of pain and bitterness then the next thing we see is lazy ministers, deputies and so called party elders calling for calm without asking “what is causing the problem?” Calm my foot!

To me, the root cause of all these vandalisms by party foot soldiers is as a result of the vain assurances, failed promises and gross disrespect shown to the grassroots by the power brokers of the NDC.

Before I conclude, I want to make this point clear to the leader of our great party (NDC) His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, our newly elected party Chairman, Dr. Kofi E.O Portuphy and his team that the foot soldiers has lost touch with the party leadership and there is an urgent need to redeem the lost hopes of the disgruntle party members else the party risks losing the 2016 general elections due to the spirit of apathy on the part of aggrieved members. For it is said that “cola lasts long in the month of those who value it”. This is my humble opinion.

Long live NDC!

Long live Ghana!