Donít Push People To Talk OOO

This Martin Amidu character must be very, very careful. If Martin Amidu wants to become a hero in this country, Okyeame does not give a toss.

However, if Martin Amidu, wants to claim heroic status atop the grave of the late president John Evans Atta Mills, that will not happen.

If Martin Amidu, thinks that he can talk ‘by-heart’ because President Mills is no more with us that will not happen.

Martin Amidu, should stop shamelessly creating the impression that he was SACKED from Government, because he wanted to go after Woyome.

For the records; Martin AMidu, was SACKED for gross indiscipline and gross insubordination.

Martin Amidu, never forgave President Atta Mills for not retaining him as running mate after the 2000 election, and has had a lot of BITTERNESS in him over the years.

So, as a minister in the Mills Administration, Martin Amidu, had no respect for any of his colleagues. Martin Amidu believed that he had more brains than all his colleagues, and so operated as an island.

Indeed, Martin Amidu saw himself at par with the President, John Mahama, MARTIN Amidu had (and still has) no iota of respect for him; but he lied, as he will not be allowed go scot-free this time with his nonsense.

As the records have it; unable to stomach the nonsense any longer, president Atta Mills had no other option SACKING Martin “Bitter” Amidu.

As for me Okyeame, I don’t care how many treaties Martin Amidu will write and how many times he would go to the Supreme Court; he should just make sure he does not desecrate the memory of the late President John Evans Atta Mills, because he will not be spared if he goes down that slippery path.

In fact, if he (Martin) has forgotten about his begging letter, then he should test my hypothesis and see.

I rest my case for now!